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Encounter Weekend

June 26, 2019




               Over the last 12 weeks we’ve looked at the encounters between man and God. We’ve learned a lot about what these encounters can look like, how to respond, the role fear and faith play in these encounters. Above of all, each encounter revealed something about God’s character and His plan for our relationship with Him.  Now it’s your turn!  This weekend we celebrate the encounter between YOU and the God who made us, who came for us, redeemed us, and has the very best for us. This encounter you don’t want to miss!


              Here’s how you can prepare.   


#1)   Make plans to be present Saturday night at 5:30pm or Sunday Morning at 10:30am.


#2)   Talk with your family and friends about this encounter opportunity and help them come prepared with you.


#3)   Arrive early and sit close to the front.  


#4)   Begin answering this one question in advance:  “How big is Jesus Christ in YOUR Life?” Is He big enough that you have placed your life trustingly in His hands?  All of your life?


              As we enter into our encounter with God this weekend, we will begin  by sizing up our relationship with God, capturing the discoveries we have made about him over our last 12 weeks together. And then step by step, we will piece together the elements that God has already set in motion for our encounter with Him and how to respond.


#5)   If you’ve been considering baptism or placing your membership at MCC as an immersed believer, be prepared to take your next step!


#6)   Follow through with our plan to be present! I’ll meet you at the door.


            Father, we are grateful for your presence every day of our lives. Even before we recognized it was you, you had come for us. We are grateful. As we honestly answer this question about the room we have allowed you in our lives, may you find our hearts ready to expand that relationship that you would ultimately be our all. Bring us together this weekend Lord for the encounter you have had planned since before we were born. In the name of Jesus we pray.   Amen.

            See you this weekend.    Dave       

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