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MyMCC " Midweek - Family Matters"

August 29, 2018



           During a busy time in Jesus' ministry, a group of children began swarming around Him. There must have been children everywhere. They were so close they were within his touch. The problem was, there was also a crowd of people around Jesus who wanted to see if he would perform a miracle, say something profound, pass out baskets of food again like he had on the hillside that day when he fed over 5000.  And what made matters worse. Jesus seemed to be pre-occupied with the children.....   Notice, they are the ones who had his attention. 


           Mark Chapter 10, verse 13 "People were bringing little children to Jesus to have him touch them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these...."


The disciples assumed that Jesus should be focused on the influential people of the city he was in, he should be off someplace polishing his next sermon and so they attempt to run the children off, push them back. But instead of thanking the disciples, Jesus rebuked them, he corrected them for doing so. Verse 14 says Jesus was "indignant"...  Why?


          Jesus recognized something that the disciples didn't. Jesus recognized God at work in the youngest generation, drawing them to the Savior. I also want you to notice that these children weren't there on their own, they were brought to Him. Children were positioned to be within the touch of the Savior of the World by their parents.  


How different our lives can be, the lives of our children can be today, no matter their age, if you and I will place ourselves and our children within in presence and care of Jesus.


          This is the heart of week two of our series MyMCC. This week we move from the details of “The Gathering” described in Acts Chapter 2 vs 42 to what we call Midweek and why “MDWK” is so important to our church family and those who come seeking.


          Some would say that Today’s family is “under attack”. And perhaps   it is. I suggest to you that who we blame for the attack is debatable. I believe the number one reason that the family struggles today, is because we have slowly removed ourselves and our families from God’s presence, authority, commands and therefore his loving gracious care.  


           This weekend I will share with you 4 realities that MDWK brings into focus once again based on the encounter Jesus has with these parents and children in Mark Chapter 10.


          MDWK brings us to the feet of Jesus to discover identity and purpose.  


           MDWK is a ministry to the Family!  The family that finds itself right in the middle of the challenges of life. Our God given role as those with influence over children is to support and participate in God’s activity in a child’s life and to oppose and counteract the worlds negative influence. This begins with us making sure we place, not only our children, but our family at the feet of Jesus – to hear his teaching, learn how to apply it, have the support of other believers around us, and the opportunity to apply what we discover in a safe environment.


          Through MDWK we will connect with people who share similar life experiences.  


            Jesus made us a promise in Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)(NIV)   This is the blessing of our connectedness at MDWK, God’s presence with us and our families.


           MDWK provides an atmosphere for growth.  I think we have a couple of fears as adults and even teens when it comes to being present at something like MDWK. One is that we won’t know the answer to a biblical question and we will be embarrassed by that. The other is that we will stand corrected on something. A habit or focus that is accepted as normal in our family will be countered by something that we discover God commands. But this is how we grow, how our children grow, through the encounters that we have with God and others who are focused on Him and the truth of His word that challenges us to trust Him.


          The driving force behind MDWK is Love.  We want our children to know God. We want our children to experience His blessing. We sometimes are confused and miss the opportunity because our actions at home or the priority we place on other things that compete with God send a mixed message, but none-the-less, we engage opportunities like MDWK because we want our children to know God’s blessing and love.


          And this is the driving force behind the over 56 volunteers who make MDWK possible. Love. 56 people, most of whom work all day outside of the home, drive as far as 50 miles to get here, cook food, prepare classrooms and lessons, practice music, set up tables and chairs, work the small group, clean bathrooms, sweep floors and a multitude of other jobs ALL so families can come and experience God’s blessing and love. These 56 volunteers must know something personally about God. They know that they don’t want the next generation, the family, to live life without Him.  


          It was the lesson Jesus shared with the disciples and families that day at his feet. Coming to Jesus means that we come as we are, accepting his grace and goodness, demonstrating our need for Him and committing our lives to His lead. Jesus said it this way in verse 15: 



          This is a great weekend for the Family. I look forward to sharing life change with you Saturday at 5:30 and Sunday at 10:30. Don’t forget to bring a friend with you.     Dave


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