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GOD and me "Forever"

August 15, 2018



       This is a special weekend for us at MCC as we take time before and after all of our services to meet the leaders who are responsible for praying for each of our families by name, ensuring that we are connected and growing spiritually, while being there to encourage us through life’s ups and down.  Come enjoy some light snacks and a great opportunity to get to know your MCC family.


       This weekend we also come to what is considered the most intimidating book of the Bible - describing end time events with amazing imagery and a spiritual battle that comes to a climax as a new Heaven and Earth come into focus.  It is intimidating, until you look at the book of Revelation in light of all that we’ve discovered about God through this series. And here is what we see: “The end is really the beginning of a brand-new chapter, the forever chapter of our existence.”   And “When the end of time comes, make certain you are standing with Jesus.”


       Here is what you can expect to discover this weekend:

  • For the Christian, the book of Revelation doesn’t need to be a book of confusion and fear.  Instead, it is a book of hope.

  • Everyone will one day appear before God.    

  • God keeps His word.  He has a place for me and Jesus is the only way for me to get there.   

  • The believers story doesn’t end in difficulty.   

  • God promises to return.   

It’s going to be an awesome weekend.  I look forward to celebrating it with you Saturday at 5:30 and Sunday at 10:30.   Dave


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