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Discover Me “Custom Made”

February 16, 2017



          My oldest daughter Olivia was in the first grade. It was time for her eye exam. During the exam the doctor paused and asked Olivia “do you have trouble seeing the chalk board/screen at school?” Before she could answer, the doctor asked “Do you sit in the front of the class or the back?” Olivia answered both questions. “I sit in the back and no I can’t see what is on the screen.” The Doctor looked at us and we looked at her. The next week, Olivia was fitted with glasses. I have to tell you, I cried. I cried because her eyes weren’t perfect and I knew that in some small way her life would be impacted by this.


          Tell me. Who decides the best version of me and you? Did you have someone in your life that pegged you for a particular you and spent the next 10 years focusing all of your activities and preparation for that version of you? Maybe a group at school pegged you as a trouble maker and so trouble maker you became. Maybe your eyes are weak like Olivia’s and this seems to have limited the career opportunities for you. Maybe you have your own idea about you and you have spent the last months or years trying to become that person.


          Several years ago I took an impromptu poll of our Saturday and Sunday crowd and asked the question… “If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?” And I received a whole list of responses many of which I can relate to in my own life…. They included: “I would stop worrying, complaining and judging myself.” Others said “I would have more self-esteem”, “lose weight”, “not be so skeptical, critical…” “enjoy life instead of stress so much….”


          Each of us have at least one attribute that we would like to change about ourselves, our experience, our life. Why is that? We often make comparisons. A young mom who hears another person talk about their early morning devotional time with God, who then looks at her own life raising two kids still in diapers and so she lives in guilt thinking she ought to be doing the same thing… But she never considers that the sacrificial love and care she expresses to her children might “count” as a spiritual activity.


Each one of us has a me that we think we should be, which is at odds with the me that God made us to be, because of comparisons.


          There are other reasons for desiring change. But what if God didn’t create you to be anyone else? What if He made you to be you? He has no unmet needs He is hoping you can fill. What if His desire is that you become the best version of You and He knows what the best version looks like?


          A man named David discovered this truth about himself and wrote about it in Psalm 139. Brandon introduced it to us last week by pointing out that David understood that finding his true identity was beyond him, His identity is found in his Creator. I want us to go back to it this week and drive home three truths that I hope you replace the Mirror of comparison with…. Three truths I hope you will write on your soul and go back to as you continue in this “Discover Me” journey! 1) My life is no surprise to God – He planned every detail. 2) I was created for a reason and for a purpose. 3) God created me to be the recipient of His love.


          I look forward to being back with you this weekend and sharing the discovery with you at 5:30pm Saturday and 10:30am Sunday. If you simply can’t make it out this week, I hope you will stay connected by listening to the message via our website. Dave

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