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When It Becomes My Nature, Overflow

October 14, 2014

Remember the first time your parents, or in my case my grandparents, allowed you to open your first bottle of soda and pour it into a glass?   I do.  It was Big Red and the fizz came to the top quickly and overflowed onto the counter as I tried to slurp it up.  I couldn't take it back, it was everywhere.

This weekend we shared Paul's encouragement to the Phillippian church to live selflessly.  At the end of the sermon, I watched one of our senior adults walk slowly across the isle with her cain to a young couple with a new born baby.   After the service the senior apologized to me.  She felt it might of been inappropriate, but she was moved to go over and get their name and address offering to prepare a meal for them this week.   Of course I chastised her and told her to never respond to the Spirit that way.   Just the opposite, I was thrilled.   This is exactly what every preacher longs to see - people naturally living in the overflow.

Our natural response when the overflow starts to come is to try and take it back, to clean it up before anyone notices.   Instead, we should let it flow into the lives of others.

My grandmother, when I overflowed my glass, she just stood and laughed because she knew it was coming before I even opened the bottle.    I wonder if God isn't thrilled in the same way as He sees us experience this change in our nature as we take on His love for others.

God bless you this week as you live in the Overflow.


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