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Influence? Life Between Sundays

June 17, 2014

We all wonder sometimes whether our words and actions really have much of an impact on other people, let alone the Kingdom of God.   Otherwise, we would stop and offer encouragement to our co-worker.   We would reach out to a teen or young adult who seems disconnected and let them know they were made in God's image and given a very special purpose.  We would come along side a single dad or mom and let them know how beautiful their children are.  We would be more faithful to our commitments.  We would come to worship early just so we could welcome any newcomer.  We would teach and lead with passion and confidence.  We would give up our need in group that week for the needs of someone who has come seeking.  Yet, all of us wonder.

Let me share some ways that your influence can make a difference this week in God's Kingdom.   Offer one word of encouragement to everyone you come in contact with.  Arrive 10 minutes early wherever you go so that you aren't rushed and can focus on others around you.  Ask if you can sit next to someone who is sitting alone and introduce yourself.  Fill your pocket with candy and offer it to the children you see in the hallway at church (with their parents nod).  Tell a child how much you like their shoes or piece of clothing.  Write a note to someone you haven't seen in weeks and let them know you've missed seeing them (call the office if you need an address).  Sit in the front of the worship center, you'll encourage your preacher.   Leave an encouraging note and 20% gratuity at Sunday lunch.   Give up your interests for those of someone that is younger or older to help them connect.


If you ever wonder just how much influence you have in the life of others and the Kingdom of God, I believe God will make that clear to you this week as you put the interests of those around you first.   I look forward to hearing from you and watching His Kingdom grow this weekend as we look at a widow who "risked big and went all-in".


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