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My Individual Ministry Matters, Life Between Sundays

May 20, 2014

This past weekend we talked about engaging God in the moment.  It's easy to look ahead sometimes and believe that our ministry opportunity lies somewhere down the road, when in fact the opportunity is in the moment we are living.   Are you an "in the moment" Christian?   When faced with a crises in your family, do you look where God is already at work and engage His invitation to join Him there, or are you more distracted by the momentary crises and expect your ministry opportunity to be after the crises has passed.   When you are using your gift for God, are you focused on the One you are giving your gift of worship to or are you distracted by insecurities and other people?


An "in the moment" Christian, sees every crises, disappointment, change in plans, gift, privilege to his/her gift, as an opportunity to bring Glory to God and deepen his/her faith.    This week is filled with "in the moment" opportunities.   My prayer for us is that we deepen our walk, encourage others around us, and bring Glory to God by engaging Him right where He is working, even if His work is deep within our own heart.  


God Bless you as you journey with Him this week between Sundays.



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