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Family Dedication


Family Dedication is a time for Christian parents to thank God for the precious gift of a child.  It is a time for parents to make a promise to the Lord to do everything within their power to raise their child in a Godly way.  This is done prayerfully until the child can make a decision to follow God on his or her own.  As a church, our aim is to join you in this dedication and equip you as we build spiritually healthy homes together. It’s a time for the church to pray with your family and promise to do our part to help you as parents be faithful to God.  It's a time to help teach and train the child in the ways of the Lord so that he or she might one day trust Him as Savior and Lord. Dedicating your child is so much more than five minutes on the stage one weekend; it’s a journey that lasts a lifetime.   To begin this journey, please contact Pam Hughes.